Marble Slabs in Vaughan Make Elegant Bathroom Finishes

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Nothing is more stunning than a floor to ceiling marble slab in your bathroom. The sleek elegance of the natural stone’s shine, and the exquisite patterning and designs make marble slabs a perfect choice for your Vaughan home.

Shower Stalls

The splendiforous shine of a white marble shower stall invites your senses in. The distinctive patterning, and striations that are a natural characteristic of marble slabs give a visual interest that is unmatched by any man made product. Even products that try to imitate the beauty of marble’s exceptionality are unable to create the same feel you get from the real thing. Marble slab shower stalls are a welcome addition to any home in Vaughan.


Marble slabs look as equally amazing as countertops. Whether you have a matching colour, or a complimentary one, marble slabs have the versatility of being able to go from floor, to wall, to shower stall. As a countertop a marble slab will offer durability as well as beauty and shine. Countertops have been a common use for marble slabs. They add a splash of richness to any bathroom they adorn, whether big or small, marble will make your bathroom an inviting space. Countertops made from marble slabs can offer a continuous pattern if they are not so big as to require joining. Because of the nature of marble, it is virtually impossible to find two pieces that are exactly alike, and this will make for an interruption in the pattern when they are joined together.


Marble slabs are a striking material to use for bathroom flooring. Another advantage to this gorgeous natural stone is that is can be finished to the specifications of the consumer. Some may think that polished marble is too slippery to risk placing it on the floor. While it can become quite slippery when it is wet, polished marble is simply stunning. Marble flooring doesn’t have to be polished however. There are other finishes available to marble. Honed marble offers a matte finish to the marble, and therefore more friction to a wet surface. You can also have your marble slab done in a flamed finish. This adds a texture to your floors, and some traction when your bathroom floors inevitably become wet. You should always take care to make sure your marble is dried soon after it becomes damp so as not to damage the stone. Properly and regularly sealed marble can be enjoyed for many years, but if it isn’t cared for well enough it can look horrendous as well.
Marble slabs are a wonderful investment for your bathroom. The return on your investment will be apparent in visual appeal alone. The shine and attractiveness of this marvellous natural stone will continue to draw you in. Your bathroom will be all the rage when you finish it floor to ceiling in gorgeous marble slab. An investment now will show a return later. Gorgeous bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. So whether you are planning a home renovation for your own enjoyment, or for the sale of your Vaughan home, marble slabs will never steer you wrong.